Through our motto Obi nnim a, obi kyerɛ - What you don’t know, someone can teach you, Mi Daakye promises to inspire our students to believe that everything in life is attainable if given the opportunity. Your investment in the students we serve, will ignite a new purpose within them and a commitment to change their futures along with the community around them.

In 2019, Florence Kono-Mensah, a fourth-grade teacher at the Amanfro School District, in the Greater Accra Region was called to address a dire need of her students. Many of the 62 students in her class, and others in her school district, were consistently arriving at school late or not at all. Often this was because they didn’t have footwear – forcing them to endure long and painful walks barefoot just to get their education and stay in pursuit of the kind of future they wanted for themselves and their communities.

Called to action by Mrs. Mensah’s story, Mi Daakye confirmed that needs for footwear, while seemingly simple, has large impacts on these students’ opportunities and the path they wanted to pursue in life.  It was this realization that led to Mi Daakye’s 1st in what has become a series of events designed to bring a global community together and secure funding that can be redirected toward the children in Amanfro School District.

Our 1st event, The MpaBoa Sneaker Gala, addressed this need in a tangible way.  Held in New York City, at the High Bar, 150 guests arrived at the event with their best sneaker-wear on the soles of their feet to experience the curation of an elegant night which included a showcase of talent from local artist in the form of art, dance, spoken word, musical performance, and a silent auction.

The execution of our mission to raise awareness paired with a night of excellence raised funds that were used to provide every student with a pair of shoes and the opportunity to walk into their future of education and success.

As Mi Daakye continues to take on this mission, we aspire to grow to help more students in neighboring areas to ensure that all the barriers to their education are dismantled.

The Founder
Kwaku Brown Bosomprah-Bonsu, is a technology consultant community leader, and mentor with 10 years of experience in bringing people together to address important future facing challenges. Born in Ghana, Kwaku has always strived to be a resource to his community here in the United States and at home.  

As a value creator with a gift for collaboration, he has a history of making lasting change for people who need it most. Notably, as a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Theta Xi Chapter, he led the organization’s philanthropic events including the Save the Horn Benefit Concert and the Friday Night Lights Culture for Service Benefit Concert of which raised upwards of $165,000 helping those suffering from the severe drought and famine in the Horn of Africa, March of Dimes Foundation, American Cancer Society, Syracuse School District, and Sigma Beta Auxiliary Group.

He believes the future is unknown. So we all must seize every opportunity provided to us. It is with this belief that he strives to eliminate the barriers that affect the education of the underserved children – with a  genuine commitment to Mi Daakye, and living out his personal values of authenticity, community and contribution.